Sun Studios- Ghost Hunt

Date- TBA

Ghost Hunt- TBA

Price- TBA

Tickets are NOT refundable , NOT Exchangeable, and NOT Transferable unless ghost hunt is canceled by hosts or location owner. This is the ONLY PLACE TO BUY TICKETS.NO physical tickets will be mailed. USe Your Paypal Receipt and/or Photo ID at check in on March 13th at the Ghost hunt.

Haunted History

Our team was contacted a year ago regarding the hauntings in this location. There was reports of shadows, feeling of being watched, and there were locations within the building that people refused to enter alone in fear of what they might see, feel, or hear. COPS team set out to find answers. During the investigation they observed spirit communication with their devices, a shadow dart up the theater stairs disappearance into the wall, and COPS very own Founder Marie had an experience that made her a believer that the Sun Studios is in fact haunted. Hear Her Story & Join Them as Their team retraces their steps to unlocked the haunted truth of Sun Studios of Arizona.

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