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Jay & Marie Yates

Jay & Marie Yates Bio

Jay & Marie Yates more commonly known for their frequent appearances on popular paranormal reality television shows such as but not limited to; Ghost Adventures, Haunted Case Files Seasons 1-2, Paranormal Witness, Ghost Adventures Aftershocks, and Scariest Nigh of Our Life.

Jay being haunted since birth and undergoing a near death experience has created a life-time of personal paranormal experiences. Marie inheriting these hauntings in marriage has brought the Yates Family Haunting countless supernatural encounters in and outside the field of paranormal investigation.

The Yates Family Haunting has been captivating audiences around the world for the better part of a decade. The Yates appear regularly at events and lectures discussing their own ongoing paranormal experiences as well as the knowledge gained with them being Haunted Survivors. 

Outside of lectures, radio, television, and events the Yates have a strong drive to help families that struggle with the paranormal as they once did. The Yates aren't your average paranormal investigators. The Yates spend much of their available time conducting what they call Paranormal Consultations rather than the often damaging paranormal investigations of family homes.

Together they lead a successful team of passion driven paranormal investigators into the darkest corners of the desert southwest. The Yates founded Crossing Over Paranormal Society "The C.O.P.S Crew" to help both the living and the dead. Their ongoing mission is to seek only truth, understanding, and proof of the paranormal by any mean necessary.

Their approach to paranormal has brought many families peace back into their homes and assisting families putting back together their broken families. The paranormal is not a way of life for the Yates it is their life. Even today the Yates live haunted and learned the balancing act between walking the thin line between both the living and the dead.

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