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COPS Crew makes no promises in ghost removal. We are a research based paranormal team of volunteers. Our goal is to document the facts, report back to our clients, and educate those that are haunted. In some cases lowering or eliminating a haunting may be possible.. We do refer to other teams if necessary. In addition, we offer blessings, cleansing, and paranormal consultation.  Due to demand & us doing investigations at no charge to you we are limited to how many cases we can take each year.  With that being said we only respond to the most extreme haunted  locations.  COPS does investigate residential homes, businesses, historical landmarks, and various buildings/land across the desert southwest. Soon expanding to other locations.

All investigation requests will be forwarded to our Case Organizer . Once reviewed and client contact is made the information is then sent to Founders Jay & Marie for review, If agreed upon the information is sent our Research and Fact Finding Group for further review.  Dates are then set sometimes months in advance to schedule an Official COPS Crew Paranormal Investigation. Fabricating of any facts or tampering with any possible leads or potential evidence will result in immediate cancellation of an investigation without notice and all communication will be removed.

COPS Crew does not take Paranormal Investigations from Mid-November to Early January. Although, we continue to evaluate all requests made through this site during this downtime. 

A waiver must be signed by the location owner. All parties living in a residential home must be in favor of the paranormal investigation. If any residents in a residential home do NOT agree with a paranormal investigation we will NOT investigate said location. 

Investigation Goal


Gaining Evidence

In order to determine if a location is in fact haunted we must gain physical evidence. This requires an actual paranormal investigation to be conducted by our team. Never do we determine a location is haunted without physical evidence. Although, some cases we have personal experiences that may help to add to any physical evidence that we gain.


Physical Evidence


Physical Evidence is photographic evidence, video evidence, electronic voice phenomenon evidence, and/or personal experiences that can be backed up by evidence. 



Our mission is to seek truth, understanding, & proof of the paranormal by any means necessary. 


Classifications of a Haunting










Note-These are just suggested terms that are used to explain the level of activity in your location


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