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COPS Crew Approved Haunted 

Arizona Chapter

Buckeye, AZ

Old Buckeye Jail- Residual & Intelligent Haunting

Buckeye Museum- Intelligent Haunting & Attachments to Objects

Buckeye Elks Lodge- Intelligent Haunting

Liberty, AZ

Liberty Cemetery- Residual Haunting & Intelligent

West Phoenix, AZ


Fear Farm- Residual Haunting & Attachments to Items

Fear Farm House- Residual, Intelligent, Poltergeist, & Attachment to Objects

Glendale, AZ

Gaslight Inn- Residual & Intelligent Haunting

Phoenix, AZ

San Carlos Hotel- Residual & Intelligent Haunting

North Phoenix, AZ

Pioneer Village- Residual Haunting & Attachment to Objects

Prescott, AZ


Palace Saloon- Residual, Intelligent, & Attachment to Items

Jerome, AZ


MIle High Inn- Residual Haunting

Connor Hotel- Residual & Intelligent Haunting

Grande Hotel- Residual & Intelligent Haunting

Sedona, AZ

Oak Creek Secret Wilderness Area- Intelligent Haunting

Apache Junction, AZ


Goldfield Ghost Town AZ- Intelligent & Attachment to Items

Superstition Funeral Home- Intelligent Haunting

Dirtwater Saloon- Residual & Intelligent Haunting


Chandler, AZ

M-Troniks- Intelligent Haunting & Residual Haunting

Gold Canyon, AZ

Spiral Staircase- Intelligent Haunting

Lost Dutchmans Mine Park- Residual Haunting

 Superior, AZ


Magma Club- Intelligent, Residual, & Attachment to Objects and/or Land

Bellmont Hotel- Residual Haunting

Oak Flatts- Intelligent Haunting

Mesa, AZ


Old Sunkist Factory- Intelligent & Residual Haunting

Globe, AZ


Noftsger Hill Inn- Residual, Intelligent, & Attachments to Objects and/or Land

Gleeson, AZ

Jail- Residual, Intelligent, & Attachments to Objects and/or Land

Hospital- Residual Haunting

Cabin- Malevolent Haunting

Tempe, AZ

Sun Studio of Arizona (Theater)- Intelligent  Haunting

Tombstone, AZ


BirdCage- Residual Haunting

Vulture City, AZ

Entire Town- Residual Haunting & Intelligent Haunting

Yuma, AZ

Yuma Prison- Residual & Intelligent Haunting

Lyric Theater- Residual & Intelligent Haunting

Central Hotel- Intelligent & Malevolent Haunting

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